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We create next-generation systems to empower educators and institutions
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eMedley Suite
The most comprehensive system for health science programs

At AllofE, we provide health science education programs with the most advanced and comprehensive platform. With customizable products, such as eduCATE, eMedley is able to adapt and find any programs’ needs. After 20 years of research and development, our platform is cutting edge and intuitive, exactly what health science education programs are looking for.

Clinical experience tracking
Learning management
Centralized documentation
Comprehensive evaluations
Curriculum management
Clinical scheduling
Testing and performance tracking
Information, insights, intelligence
Why We Do What We Do
At AllofE, we believe in never settling for less than great. We are constantly working hard to provide the best for our clients. Our mission is to:
Build a better future for our clients and ourselves by becoming a leader in the e-business industry.
Organize a mutually supportive environment that generates resourceful industry solutions and encourages creativity, innovation, growth, and success.
Be committed to creating greater value for our clients by providing the highest quality consulting services and state-of-the-art software.
Our Values
Never Settle for “Good Enough”
Never settling for anything short of excellence is the key motivation in driving our innovations.
Thought Leadership
We seek to be at the forefront of technology: pioneering the future of systems with revolutionary thought.
Continuous Innovation
We are inspired by the fact that everything we do in a day is obsolete the next morning.
Investing in application infrastructure, server infrastructure, cultural infrastructure, and support infrastructure provides the foundation on which our values stand.
Our Strengths
Research & Development
For 20 years, AllofE has invested a significant portion of revenue in research and development of the platform.
Customer Relationships
We are dedicated to giving each client the attention needed for a superior implementation and a long-term partnership.
Large Scale Implementation of Systems
AllofE’s client base consists of Fortune 500 companies, government institutions, universities, and school districts.
Data Analytics
We help customers organize their data into relevant chunks to illuminate the most meaningful parts, transforming data into information to support decision-making.
AllofE Solutions
Our Team

We are a resourceful and efficient group made up of engineers, scientists, designers and analysts. We strive to make better online products to solve complex business problems in the education and corporate sectors. We wear multiple hats and rely on few support personnel as a company.

At AllofE, we love writing code, solving complex problems, and working on products such as examN+. We are extremely dedicated to our client relationships and believe in building beneficial partnerships. We like when clients ask questions and challenge us with new innovations. We are passionate about what we do, and are always looking to create better web-based solutions for those in need. We are our own biggest critics as we are never satisfied with our first draft. We continually refine and improve our products until they are great.

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