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Our innovations come with the research to back them up
What is going on in the health sciences world today and how we are implementing it.
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Gauging how material is being taught or how well students are doing in a course or session can be difficult. With evaluations, all parties involved are given an opportunity to understand how a semester is going. Through evaluations such as those completed through eMedley’s product eValuate, individuals are able to discu….

Feedback and Student Success

The question at the heart of many pedagogical approaches is: what can teachers do to improve student success? More often than not, one component of the answer to this question is feedback. In his 2012 study, Vincent Tinto identifies the following “attributes of effective classrooms:” expectations, support, assessment and feedback, and involvement. Interactions between students and faculty are also closely linked with student success, and regular feedback is one way to increase frequent interactions. Information on their current progress allo….

How to Evaluate Students

As an administrator or faculty member, it is incredibly important to know how to write up beneficial evaluations. Evaluations are a good way to give students constructive criticism, but also point out the things they did well. After a relatively critical event, experience, or course, it is a good time to evaluate a student. For example, this could be after an experience at a specific clinical site. Another good time to evaluate a student would be when their actions are affecting other students or themselves. The amount of evaluations that can be completed are limitl….
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