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Managing Forms
The most reliable and easy to use evaluation management system
With different question types, question sets, and listing tools, eValuate+ has it all.
Managing Forms
A Wide Variety of Question Types
We offer a wide variety of question types for every evaluation form. These forms can be used in all kinds of situations, from didactic course evaluations to preceptors evaluating students during clinical rotations. In all situations, the forms should be able to gather exactly the kind of information users need, and the best way to achieve that is having options when creating questions.
Radio Button
Similar to a multiple choice question, one answer may be selected
With multiple response options, more than one option can be selected for a question
Select Box
A response will be selected from a dropdown box
Date and Time Field
When answering a question, select a singular date from a calendar and/or a time between set limits.
Text Area
A block of space to type out a longer response for more in-depth evaluation questions
A list of statements or questions that have scale and point options to choose from
Text Field
Short answer questions where the length can be customized
File Upload
Have evaluation-takers upload a file in response to a question
Add Instructions
Write instructions above questions or rubrics to avoid confusion
Form Management Tools

A complete and easy to use evaluation management system, the forms listing organizes and tracks upcoming, live, drafted, and archived evaluation forms. The forms listing provides reliable and effective tools for evaluation filtration, access, and editing.

Assign a selected form then and there
Gain quick access to view an evaluation form by using Preview
Effortlessly print a paper copy of the selected form
Receive immediate editing abilities in order to adjust an evaluation form on the spot
Duplicate a selected form for further editing
Save evaluation forms for records and future uses
Easily give or restrict form access to other users
A comprehensive list of past and present versions of a selected form
Apply filters to easily navigate through the forms listing when looking for specific data
Managing Forms
Question Sets

Question Sets offer a place for administrators to add and store questions that can be used throughout multiple forms. Offering a parent-child structure, there can be questions, sub-questions, sub-sub questions, and so on.

With immediate access to previously used questions, administrators can strategically implement such question sets or even go in and update them for future use. This saves an immense amount of time when creating evaluations and provides a record of evaluation questions.

Evaluation Creation

Creation of evaluation forms begins by choosing a template from the Evaluation Forms listing. Then, customize each form to fit unique evaluation question sets and evaluation criteria.

When created, forms are saved as drafts for further edits. Once made live, evaluation forms are eligible for assignment. Once assigned, said evaluations can be tracked and viewed within the forms listing interface at your convenience.

Managing Forms
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Managing Forms